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Why Use Us

Why use an Accountant

We often hear that it is easy to make money when you've got it to start with. While this may be true it also true that many a millionaire started out with next to nothing in their pocket. The road to financial success is available to anyone who has a vision and is committed to turning the vision into reality. So whether you're a wage earner, someone in business, or retired, it all starts the same way; with a vision of your future, a good budget, managing your cash flow, understanding your risk and having a plan that takes time into account. Financial success is available to anyone who is disciplined in their financial affairs and knows how to use professional advisors to maximize their wealth.

Is an accountant an essential element in your financial road map? Well consider this. Even though you brush your own teeth, you still use a Dentist to help you look after them properly. Even though you wash your own car, put air in the tyres and fill it with fuel you still use a Mechanic to ensure the car does not leave you stranded when you least expect it. So too, an Accountant is best placed to help you organize and manage your financial affairs and to put in place the best structure to legally reduce your tax and maximize your wealth.

Why use Us

At Robert Musumeci & Co we will examine the various tax structures that may be available to you, including options leading to you retirement. Together we will identify strategies and put plans in place to acquire assets that grow in value over time while investigating diversification of personal investment or business growth. For those in business we will recommend technology to improve your operations and customize systems and procedures to suit your individual needs. We will address needs such as growth, turnover, profitability and taxation management in a professional and ethical manner to ensure you also meet legal obligations such as federal taxes, state states, wages, superannuation and workers compensation.

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